Slow down, Baby Girl

I have been wondering about my friends who have daughters, specifically, or are about to venture into the journey of having a little girl. And I have a sense of fear around the idea of raising a daughter, even though I may not have daughters (and although I have that same sense of fear for my boys), I was once that innocent girl, and I have an entire story about a life experience that may possibly be filled with regrets, but mostly, lessons. I was once that young wild girl on an expedition to experience life. That girl has experienced so much at a relatively young age, But at the same time, filled with hope, she still has so much more to experience.

There are times I wish I could turn back time and change so many of the things I have done. The times I challenged myself a little too far, for what I thought was real. What I felt so deeply for. The times I thought I had more time with someone, or said something to someone to change their life in a big way. If only I could just sit down for one day and speak to that girl, I would say this to her;

You young, stupid, stupid girl. You have no idea what you doing. You are far too young, and he does not love you. You don’t even know what love is. You think you have it all figured out, but you haven’t even begun your journey of life. There will be plenty of heartache, and plenty of tears on your pillow. You will meet and lose many friends, and fall in and out of love. You will try fit in, and do whatever it takes to get noticed. Don’t be so proud. I know you think there is no fun in following rules, it is okay to have fun and be wild at heart, but don’t allow it to fill your sweet heart with regret. Think before you act. It is not all about you. You think your mother is being inconsiderate by not allowing you to attend that party, and while you think she is unaware of the amount of untamed boys and lustful girls ready to influence you and bring on the peer pressure, she knows. She knows because she has experienced this life, she is far more wiser than you are. She was once young and innocent just like you. Nothing can escape the agonizing apprehension she feels when watching her little daughter grow up and slowly lose her innocence that she is fighting to hold on to. I know you don’t see it, but you broke your father’s heart when you went against the wishes he had for you. You disappointed him. All because you wanted to be an adult far too soon. If only you knew the responsibilities that follow being an adult, you would slow down. You would embrace your young carefree life. You would dance more, and do things that make you proud, not be so easily influenced by society. You wouldn’t be so foolish.

Young girl, as much as I want you to experience life. All of it. I see an innocent girl with a free spirit, and an open mind, trying to live life fearlessly, and I’ll tell you something, I encourage you do be just that. You can’t expect to be old and wise if you have never lived an adventurous life , filled with memories and experiences. But I beg of you, be responsible and always remember who you are. Stay true to yourself. Hold on to the things you value. Hold on to the things your mother and father taught you, and trust yourself to make the right choices, even if those choices seem unfair. I never want you to look back and regret your life, so make memories, yes, make good memories. Be brave, be strong, be kind. Always. Stay young for as long as you can, and know that you have so much to look forward to in this life. You have your whole life to grow up, your whole life to cherish and experience the wonders of this beautiful life you have been blessed with.

So slow down baby girl, Don’t rush.

This video was sent to me by a friend at the exact moment I needed to see it. If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it and take what you can from it.



8 thoughts on “Slow down, Baby Girl

  1. Well said. As a mom to a baby girl myself I live in constant fear of everything around her that could spoil her innocence too soon. I went through all of that, I did things that gave my mom sleepless nights all because I grew up too soon. I thought I had it all figured out then. You could tell me nothing! Now thinking that I will have to go through the same BS I gave my mom… My stomach turns just thinking about it. I remember she would always say these words with her eyes full of tears “one day to will also have a girl who will do the exact things you are doing. When that happens, come back to me and tell me how grown up she really is”

    1. Thank you Anita. I bet it is a worry for moms with girls, especially if you have been adventurous yourself ? but I guess we are wise enough to know, teach them better, or at least prepare for it!

    2. Beautiful read as i can relate. With my first baby on the way being a little girl it’s both exciting and scary at the same time. I will be sure to read your post to her when she is old enough xXxX

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