{REVIEW} Kiddy Calm – Therific Naturals


“Bath time!”

In our house, this word can (at times) be mistaken for a swear word. My kids have always loved to bath once they are in, but Jamie (4 years old) tends to try and negotiate his way out of a bath at times, especially when there are better things to do, such as playing with cars or watching his favourite movie. He also has a tendency to get hyperactive after his bath, when in fact it is meant to calm him down. I came across a company called Therific™ Naturalsand they were kind enough to send me some of their products called Kiddy-Calm™ for me to try out on the kids. I received a 2.5kg tub of the blueberry pop and a few rescue packs including Marshmallow, Raspberry, Apple, Stardust, and a Mai-Thaim rescue pack for me to try too. This award winning product is known for improving sleep patterns, reducing hyperactivity and is vital for brain development. 


The Therific Naturals range of products was created by Theri Rossouw, a mother who had a need for a “clean” cure for her daughter who at the time was labelled ADHD. Jessey perceived her Epsom Salt Bath to be a medicine bath and refused to get in, So Theri found a way to disguise the “peas and the carrots” and turned a boring Magnesium Sulphate bath into a fun, fragranced and colourful bath filled with bubbles.

Magnesium Sulphate is well known for its benefits in reducing hyper- activity, improving sleep patterns and increasing memory and concentration. Its also known for its rapid relief from headaches, migraines, stress, muscle spasms, insomnia and many modern day ailments. It is recommended from pregnancy, through baby, toddler, child and adults.

Why I Love this product…

I was extremely happy to know that this product has benefits for kids suffering with eczema and sensory integration disorder / ADHD. Both my kids have sensory integration disorders, which results in high levels of hyperactivity (especially in the evenings) if not treated properly. With all the foods we put into our bodies, and our kids, unfortunately most of it contains artificial additives, which requires sulphate to rid of all the toxins. With the Kiddy-Calm™ bath salts, it has the most delicious scents, and creates mild bubbles to make bath time fun, the way it should be. These bath salts don’t contain any oils or artificial substances, so it doesn’t stain the bathtub and prevents slippery falls in the bath (like when using normal bubble baths)


After using the bath salts for 2 weeks…

Riley and Jamie were noticeably peaceful after bath time, with improved concentration they were able to sit in the lounge after bath time and read their books quietly. Riley, in particular, went to bed earlier, and slept peacefully through the night.  Jamie, who used to wake up during the night and sneak into our bed, has been sleeping in his own bed the entire night. Although he doesn’t go to bed earlier than his routine of 8pm, I have noticed that he is remarkably low-key after his bath. I started using 6 scoops from the 2.5kg tub in a bigger bath for Jamie and Riley together to initially get those toxins going, and after 1 week reduced the scoops to 3.  With a good moisturizer, their skin was left supple and silky soft. Jamie absolutely loved the idea of bathing in colourful water and Riley was obsessed with the amazing scents of the bath salts.

Overall, it hasn’t been a struggle to get the kids to achieve some down before going to bed, since using the Kiddy-Calm™ bath salts. Happy mom!

To find out more or order these products, you can visit their website, or Facebook page and contact them on 021 981 2345 or email admin@therific.co.za

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