Jamie’s 4th Super Hero Birthday Party

When Jamie told me he wanted a Super Hero themed party for his 4th Birthday, I was more excited than he was, and I immediately got down to doing research. I found the cutest ideas on Pinterest and tried to personalize everything, as much as I could.

We had a small party at home this year, and I decided to go with a Marvel theme, so the options were endless. Jamie of course, chose to be batman. It has always been important to me to create these memories for my kids, as birthdays have always been a very special occasion in our family, and as a child I was always blessed to be able to celebrate each year with the most memorable birthday party. I tried to incorporate as much DIY as possible, to save money, because as you may know parties can be quite costly! eek!

I made a punch-box, instead of a pinata, and each box was filled with a toy (I bought bubbles, slinky’s and robots). Luckily I work at a shoe retail head office, so collecting shoe boxes was not an issue.

To make them, I cut a hole in the lid of each shoe box, and placed a prize in each one. I then taped a piece of tissue paper on the inside of the box, against the cut out hole, and then taped the box closed. Once that was done, I taped all the boxes together in sections, and painted it all black, to resemble Gotham city.

I also made super hero secret identity cards for each party box, to make it a little more personal.

PicMonkey Collage

Have a look …

IMG_3009 IMG_3023 IMG_3050 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3074 IMG_3097 PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2

Thanks for decorating the cake, Mom.



{Photo Credit: Taryn Nicol Photography}

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