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Did you know that 70% of UV rays penetrate through clouds on overcast days? Did you know that 80% of your UV Lifetime exposure is reached before the age of 18? 

I didn’t! And there is so much more to learn about protecting your kids eyes (and yours), and how extremely important it is.

O-V Optics sent us a pair of the coolest shades to try out on Jamie. The owners, Tanya and Zulé are extremely passionate about their business and their drive to educate people about the vision and mission of their brand – they even personally delivered the sunglasses to my house for this review. The shades they gave me are super stylish (called “SWAG”), and they have the most amazing unbreakable Flex-Fit™ technology! We gave the glasses to Jamie, and naturally he bent the arms of the shades as far as he could in order to put them on, and to his (and my) surprise, it didn’t break. Now I have lost plenty of glasses from my kids breaking them this way, so this is a winner!

one of my favourite pairs of shades . lost to the strength of toddler hands
one of my favourite pairs of shades . lost to the strength of toddler hands
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“I can and I will break these… Oh wait, these really are unbreakable!”
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“This is fun, mom isn’t moaning at me for trying to break these!”


They are also made with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, which offers 100% UVA/UVB Protection, matched with completely lead-free rubber like frames, with no bisphenol A and no phthalates, CE Certified, FDA Approved AND you can fit your Real Kids Shades with prescription lenses if needed.


At first Jamie wasn’t too interested to wear his shades, although every morning he asks for them when we are on our way to his daycare, because “the sun is too very bright”. But when I gave it to his brother to try, he quickly decided that these glasses were super cool.  (bribery, don’t judge, you do it too!)

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Jamie (left) is 4 years old, and it fits him perfectly. Riley (right) is 1 year and 4 months old, and it fits him relatively well for his age. (excuse the ugly bin in the background

Although it’s difficult at times to get him to wear them while playing, I want to encourage it so that he can protect his eyes, and eventually become habitual like it is for us as adults (or at least how it should be), especially since I want him to start playing sports now that he has turned 4 years old.


About the Team

O-V Optics Pty Ltd was founded, and is owned and operated by Tanya and Zulé. The two head up a team of passionate individuals, sharing strong family values and the belief that we all have the right to protect our children in any scenario imaginable. The O-V Team’s mission is to educate and inform about the dangers of UV exposure to the eyes of children, so empowering and enabling you, as a parent, to protect your little treasure.

Their Mission

Our MISSION –We create greater awareness of the effects of UV sun damage on the eyes of children by informing parents, teachers and children of the imminent dangers. We encourage the habitual use of UVA and UVB protective eyewear as part of our ingrained culture, and as part of your child’s school uniform for maximum protection every day.

We pave the way to the positive societal opinion that wearing sunglasses when outside is a necessity FOR ALL, not only for adults, but their children too. We do this through speaking engagements – directly with you, parents, teachers and children.We provide necessary health and safety information that you may not be aware of as part of The “Sunglasses at School” Programa FIRST in South Africa. This, in turn, creates the need for a product that can be trusted by parents to offer the desired protection their children need. We source only the best quality in international, children specific frame designs. O-V Optics Pty Ltd distributes your child’s ordered sunglasses to member schools directly and a trained professional will fit each pair to your child’s unique features to ensure optimum comfort and protection.

We are the industry leader in the supply of children’s sunglasses as we offer unmatched quality and value in our products and services.

Speak to your principal TODAY to become part of The “Sunglasses at School” Program!


Why should you get a pair? 

UV damage is irreparable and cannot be reversed. Children are more vulnerable to UV damage as they spend more time in the sun than we as adults do and have larger pupils and clearer lenses. Chronic UV exposure over a lifetime is one of the causing factors resulting in ARMD (Age related Macular degeneration). Therefore, just like sunblock, we need to treat their eyes the same by using preventative measures to protect their eyes.



Get your kids a pair of these adorable shades from R400-R450, with a choice of two different styles here and follow their Facebook page to keep up to date with their range, and some interesting facts and articles about their products.

To find out more about the Sunglasses at School Programme, or for any other inquires, you can email them at  info@ovoptics.co.za



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