Teaching Kids about Easter

So we are all very excited that Easter is a time to have permission to eat plenty of chocolates,  hunt for yummy treats in the garden and see how many you can find and get chocolate wasted.  But do your kids know the real meaning of Easter? Now I know that teaching these sort of things to your kids may be challenging, because we are basically competing against this really cute fluffy bunny that brings chocolates and makes Easter really fun. And I am not going to tell you what to tell your kids about Easter, this is not about a religious debate, but I vowed to always make sure that my kids know (when they are old enough to understand)  the true meaning behind special holidays like Easter and Christmas without overloading them with too much information. So I put together a few things for them to help and guide them to understand and appreciate Easter.

-Firstly, my kids have toys overflowing from their toy box, and a bunch of clothes that no longer fit them. So, if this is the case in your home, start by teaching them the gift of giving. Donate some toys and clothes to a charity of your choice.

-One great and easy way to teach kids about Easter, is to read to them. A children’s bible with lots of pictures helps Jamie pay attention, making explaining easy. The reason I love children’s bibles is because the death of Jesus was particularly violent for a child to process, therefore a children’s version would be more appropriate.


-I printed some colouring pages off the internet like this one from Crayola, and while they are colouring in, you can tell them the story of Easter to get them used to it, for example, “colour in Jesus’s cross brown” . You can also look on Pinterest, and find plenty of fun pictures for them to colour in too. 



-This is a really cute guide that I found and could work great with kids, after all, it involved chocolate sweets. Need I say more?

This idea was submitted by Bethany Tapp

So this Easter, because Jamie is old enough, I look forward to letting him have fun, hunt for his chocolate Easter eggs and encourage his imagination to believe in the Easter bunny, but I will try teach him a thing or two about the real meaning of celebrating Easter.

I still want this bunny though…



The Easter Season and all the beauty I see, reminds me He lives




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