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Both my Kids have always been fussy eaters. Jamie doesn’t like anything green or orange in his food, and Riley is very particular about textures. I always struggle to find ways to feed Riley as he is into feeding himself lately, which is great for his independence, but it is also like utilizing a blender without a lid.

When I introduced ‘squishy’ pouches to Riley, he absolutely loved them! He would sometimes cry for more, which is wonderful compared to the 2-3 spoons he would take from me when I fed him. However, even though most of the squishy pouches are preservative free, It still makes me a little nervous and I much prefer making fresh meals for the boys.

I came across a feeding line by Layette Essentials, called Fresh Squeezed by Infantino. They were kind enough to send me one to review.



Layette Essentials is a family owned business that appreciates how a simple concept can make your life easier. They have brought about this clever and innovative product that allows you to craft your very own creations, and put them into convenient, easy to store pouches.

All moms want convenience! And although it is important to get your kids to try textures and get used to solid food, This product just makes it so easy to feed your baby, especially if they are learning to feed themselves and they are refusing textures. This way, at least they are getting their nutrients in. You can still incorporate your textures and use anything from butternut, to chickpeas – the options are endless, It can also be used to make frozen slushies in summer, using fruits. YUM. Thank you to Brigitte Philogene, Angela Rae and Odette van der Merwe from the Mamahood Cape Town Group on Facebook for the recipes – I will be trying them out and letting you know!


Once you have cooked or steamed your vegetables, you blend or mash it and pop it into the cylinder of the Fresh Squeezed Machine. Using the press, you squeeze the puree into the pouches (you can fill up to 3 pouches at a time).


Once it is filled up, you screw the lid on and it is ready to eat, or store in the fridge or freezer. Whats great is, you can make quite a few and store them in the freezer for up to 2 months! Just remember to use the space provided on the disposable pouches and write the date it what made.


The reusable pouch is also a winner, as it is made from silicone, which makes it easy for baby to squeeze the food out, it also comes with a handy clip to attach it to the baby’s bag or stroller when you are out and about.


With the Fresh Squeezed machine, you get 10 disposable pouches, All of the products are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, and completely dishwasher safe. There are a few accessories you can purchase to make it even more convenient, such as;

  • Couple a spoons
  • Steam and smush set
  • Disposable Pouches (box of 50)
  • Reusable pouch
  • Add on Funnel
  • Fridge and Freezer sleeve
  • Mighty Mill

To find out more, or order online, visit Layette Essentials or follow them on Facebook



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  1. Wow!! Lovely gadget … My 6 1/2 month lb doesn’t like carrots too, and gem squash…Loves butternut & banana 🙂 This would be nice to carry for when you not at home still making sure baba is eating homemade fresh food 🙂

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