{FEATURED} A Trio of Adventurous Tales – by Carmen Saptouw

Carmen Saptouw is an inspiring Mom who chose to fulfil her dreams of writing children’s stories. I was eager to find out more about her, her story and inspiration behind her journey.


In 2011 I had this strong feeling that there was more to life and that something was missing from mine. I went on with my daily life, but this nagging feeling didn’t leave me. Until my dad told me that he found stories I wrote as a child in the attic. He couldn’t throw it away and decided to keep it for me. Once I got it from him I read the stories and had quite a laugh at the mind of an eight year old me. I then decided to rewrite it to preserve it as some was in pencil and quite faded.

However, as I rewrote them the stories changed and new versions were born.  It was as if it opened the gates to my creativity. Suddenly I had thoughts for new stories from elves living in a village nestled in the clouds to a bushman drawing climbing out of his rock and going on a journey.

I found that when I wrote the world slipped away. I felt centered in my true sense of self I then knew I found my passion. I found what was missing.

My beautiful baby girl was born in 2014 as my maternity leave came to an end I knew I didn’t want to go back to my career in Human Resources. I wanted to stay at home with her and write stories.  At first I thought what if I fail. Then a close friend said, “But what if you SOAR.”

And with my husband’s support I took the leap of faith and resigned from my job.  I found that when I silenced the HR generalist inside of me the writer in me flourished. It was during this time at home that I finished my book and decided to self- publish through Partridge Publishing.

The purpose behind my writing is to create stories that children will find exciting. I want them to enjoy what they are reading, but take a life lesson from it. Someone once asked me what is it that you want your child to know about this world? What lessons will aid and develop her?

I then looked at my life and what lessons played an important role in mine I then tried to build them into my stories.

And with this in mind I created a Trio of Adventurous Tales a book for children with three stories about a mouse on a rescue, a stable boy and a curse and a bushman drawing facing his fear.



A Trio of Adventurous Tales is a book for children with three stories. The age group for the book is 4 -8 years old.  However, 10 year olds have read and enjoyed it.

The Rescue – Rufus, a mouse, returns from an errand to find his home destroyed and his family kidnapped. He then takes on a journey to rescue them. On the way he is aided by many animals and learns the importance of not only teamwork, but courage and perseverance.

The Gemmed Cloak is the prized heirloom of a witch that is stolen by the King. The witch seeks justice for her stolen garment by cursing the King’s daughter. There is only one humble person that can break the curse – a stable boy – but he doesn’t believe that he is worthy.

San the Bushman Drawing is the story of a drawing of a Bushman who lives alone in a cave deep in the Karoo. To his surprise he finds out that there are other Bushmen like him. After an unexpected meeting he befriends a chameleon and with the chameleon’s help he faces his fear of the unknown. They embark on a journey to find San’s fellow Bushmen drawings.

Each story is unique with interesting characters and on their individual journeys they learn important life lessons.


A Trio of Adventurous Tales has officially been launched, and is available at the following online stores for under a R100.

Amazon provides a kindle edition. You do not need to have a kindle to purchase it online.  Amazon does provide a free kindle reading app that can be downloaded for smart phones, tablets and computers.

The e-book is also available at Kalahari.

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