{DIY} A-Frame Tent Tutorial

I have been wanting to make one of these for as long as I can remember! When we were young, we used to make tents and forts out of blankets hanging over chairs. Making this tent brought back so many memories, how we opted to camp outside in the backyard, rather than sleep in our warm and comfy beds! oh, childhood, how I miss you! I can only hope my kids create the same fun memories!

This was such a fun, quick and easy project – and what’s great about it is, its collapsible so it wont permanently take up space Here is how to make it (well, for the kids… of course 😉 )

  • Firstly, make sure the material you buy is cut perfectly straight (I used 2 meters of material, and its just enough)


  • Sew a folded slot on each short side of the material, (for the poles to slot in)


  • You can buy pre-cut wood from a hardware if you don’t have cutting tools, but you should have:

– 4x pieces of wood, each 1.2m long; and

– 3x 1120mm poles

  • Using a drill, make a 13mm hole on each end of the pieces of wood,(depending on the diameter of the pole) 175mm from the top to the centre of the hole, and 25mm from the bottom to the centre of the hole (make sure your material fits these measurements before drilling the holes)
  • Slot the 2 poles into each of the tubed hemmed sides of the material and assemble the poles to the bottom pieces of wood, and assemble the 3rd pole to secure the top of the A-Frame to secure it. (Remember to put the material over the top pole before assembling it)


  • Add some Battery operated lights, comfy cushions and soft blankets to make it nice and cosy.



  • And you are done!



They were so happy when they saw it

IMG_3471 IMG_3470



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