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The inspiration for my post comes from the Ten quick fix beauty tips for busy Moms post by Leigh. It fired a thought that has been in the back of my mind for a couple of months.

I have aged. It is simple, yet it is the most complicated statement I have made (the jury is also out as to whether it may quite possibly be the most depressing one). No, I didn’t say ‘I am old’ or ‘I am getting old’, I said I have aged! A harsh realization that has taken its toll on me for sure. I can see it in my skin, in my face, my body, my personality and my lifestyle. It is not an easy thing to admit or to accept.

Early on in 2014, I decided to start using a more substantial face product; I swear from day one, I could see results. AMAZING! Not so much on the pocket but it is a price to pay for beautiful skin. I have recently exhausted my supply of facial products and have not had the time or resources to get more and I can immediately see the difference in my skin, it’s as if I have lost a certain amount of elasticity (which is not entirely unlikely) and my blotchiness is back. Some that know me will argue that this is not the case; however, my response is that I hide it well; I am never caught without makeup on! Anyhow, the deterioration in my skin can be linked to the fact that my miracle product has been depleted, but I have found my first couple of wrinkles. Previously, this terrified me. I secretly used to have an under-my-breath chuckle at friends that moaned about their wrinkles and I would thank my lucky stars that it was them and not me. Previously the thought of getting old would have me running a mile in no time (and I don’t run!). However, ageing, I am beginning to think.. is not all bad. I am also beginning to think that the term “getting old” should be banished from all languages, universally!!

If I can get around the physical symptoms (the skin, the struggle to lose excess weight and the GREY HAIR!) then it’s proven to be quite pleasant. My idea of a good “jol” no longer includes partying with uncountable amount of drinks, until the sun comes up and sleeping off a monumental hangover for 3 days; instead, it includes surrounding myself with those closest to my heart, spending good quality time with them. A few years ago, I would go to a braai and that was my ‘quiet night’ out (and I despised the idea of referring to it as a night out) but nowadays, a braai with close friends and family is more party than I can handle.

The opinion of pretentious ..ugh… individuals, no longer affects me, I don’t have time for the useless drama that too many females bring to one another’s’ lives. I need only those who are a part of my life, those who own a place in my heart and those who over the years, have morphed into family. It no longer troubles me if I don’t get an invite to that party. I feel that where I am in my life, is exactly where I need to be and I feel satisfied and fulfilled. Now, before I start sounding like an old prude.. don’t get me wrong, I do still enjoy a great night out, painting the town red (or, so I’d like to think), I just prefer a night at home (which may include blaring music, copious amounts of wine, sometimes a shooter or few and more often than not, some form of dancing. “Dance like no one’s watching”… right?)

We are all in different stages of this ‘ageing’ process and that is also okay- some are ahead of me in the process, some are behind. However, I find myself surrounded by those who are either in the same stage or ahead of me, it seems as if we have more common interests to relate to, those that understand that a “dine and dash” is completely okay (I mean, who in their right mind can keep their eyes open after a full day of work, followed by housekeeping and other errands, after 10pm?) and those that can appreciate that we all lead busy lives while doing our best to spread our time as evenly as possible and make time for those closest to us.

So, in my opinion, a little extra money spent on more effective and functional beauty products, a couple extra sunhats, a higher SPF sunblock, a few extra hair appointments and ending my night off slightly earlier, is a fair price to pay for the feeling of contentment that comes with ageing.

This year, I aim to take care of myself. Too often, we put ourselves last on our list of priorities and it then takes a concerted effort to do the things that we should be doing for ourselves on a daily basis; we then end up saying things such as “it is MY year” but we should never allow it to get to a point that it needs to be “your year” as every day of every year, should be about you. I am going to start putting myself first, taking care of myself and most importantly, I am going to accept ageing with the anticipation that it is going to lead me to the greatest adventures!

Happy ageing!

About the Author:

Melissa Brink is a fur mom to 4 dogs, with a great passion for all things pretty, her family, friends and animals. She loves wine, chocolate, sunsets and also wine and sushi and wine. She finds inspiration from those around her, sharing the same curiosity and wisdom.

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