{REVIEW} Babe Bee – Innovative Practicle Kids Products

Babe Bee is an innovate business owned by Brigitte Philogene. After giving birth to her son in August 2013, she realised, there was a lot to learn about the obstacles of raising a baby and began brainstorming ideas to initiate and fulfil the need for more practical baby products, and Babe Bee was born.
With Brigette’ s approach, her business has provided moms with the most innovative products to make the great journey of motherhood a little easier and a whole lot more fun!

Over the next few months, Brigette will be presenting further wonderful ideas you never thought you needed, but just wont be able to live without. Stay tuned!

Brigette was kind enough to send me a no wee on me teepee for my 6 week old nephew to try, and a bunny ring teether for my 1 year old son.



As a mom of boys, I know that those nasty fountain pee’s can decorate everything from your clothes, your face, the dog, the wall and worst of all, themselves! . The reason baby boys feel the need to wee during each nappy change, is that when air touches their pee pee, they will want to make a wee. This product is so great as the idea is that the hazard of the sprinkling fountain, is in fact prevented when putting the no wee on me teepee on

Tried and Tested on my 6 week old nephew : No sprinkly fountains yet since using the no wee on me teepee.



Ugh, teething.

Riley is one years old, and getting his 7th tooth this week, so what a perfect time to try out the bunny ring teether. Bunny Ring Teethers are fun and safe to use, the ring is made from wood which is highly durable to withstand chewing & biting. 
Did you know that wood has a natural anti-bacterial property? Making it safe and hygienic for teething babies. The fun and colourful patterns make it attractive for babies to keep themselves entertained and chewing for hours. To make sure he used it correctly, I placed it on his gums and held it for him for a while until he got the hang of it.

Other great products you will find at Babe Bee includes;

No Drop Bottle Strap
Nappy Wrap
Bottle Bibs
 Taggy Dummy Clips
Nappy Wrap Strap
Newborn Snuggle Cocoon
Puzzle Balls
Summer Blankets
Blossoms, sandals for baby girls
Comfy Crawler knee pads
Breast Feeding Infinity scarves

To order these amazing products, contact Brigette at babebeeproducts@gmail.com



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