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About Melissa

With a professional make up artistry certificate behind her, she always knew she had a passion for beauty.
Melissa decided to pursue a nail technician course she had studied and Gel by Mel was born! She is currently running a part-time business working from home, showing off her creative talent.

Melissa gave me the opportunity to do a review and I have been back 3 times since. I absolutely love the idea of gel nails and will definitely be going back every 2 weeks.

Why I love gel nails?
It is pretty much the best thing since Channing Tatum in step up. (Hot Damn!)
As a mom, it’s impossible to paint my nails and not end up with a smudge on a minimum of 6 nails. With the gel, I can sit for some pampering, and there is zero time spent on fanning and blowing at your nails waiting for them to dry.

How does it work?
Firstly, making sure your nails are filed neatly, a Jessica Geleration prep oil is applied to remove any excess oils to ensure that the gel will bond with your nails. A Start base coat is applied and allowed to set under the LED Gel Lamp for 40 Seconds.
The first coat of colour is applied and allowed to set for 40 Seconds.
A second coat is then applied and again allowed to set for 40 seconds. (The Royal Red in particular needs an extra few seconds under the lamp due to the high pigment)
Lastly, a Finnish top coat is applied and allowed to set for 40 Seconds.
Cuticle oil is applied and left to soak in.

Go ahead, touch your nails! Because you can!!!

How do you remove the gel?
To remove the gel from your nails, a process of soaking them is necessary to ensure your nails remain in a healthy hydrated condition.
Before soaking them off, the top layer of gel is gently removed with a buff. Each nail is covered in cotton wool soaked in acetone and closed up with tin foil. This is left on for 20-25 Minutes, and once removed, the remaining gel is gently removed with a cuticle stick.

The negatives?
I wouldn’t consider it a completely negative factor, but given the fact that my nails grow extremely fast, I try to wait for two weeks before having them soaked off and redone. The growth of my nails show more intensely with brighter colours. This means I have to go sooner. A great tip is to have the gel applied when your nails have some length to give the illusion that there is no regrowth.

Overall a great long-lasting product.





Contact melissa at gelbymel1@gmail.com or 082 444 9197, and book your appointments today!



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