{REVIEW} Mini-Mee Pocket Cloth Nappy


The Pocket Cloth Nappy has really taken me by surprise. When hearing the idea of a “cloth nappy”, I immediately cringed at the thought of having to stomp nappies with steri-nappi and boil them clean. Effort

But luckily those days are gone! With modern developments, many companies, such as Mini-Mee, have created a re-usable eco-friendly nappy with a pocket system.

I was given a Mini-Mee pocket cloth nappy to try, and with the result, I am definitely going to invest in a few more!

What are they made from?

The inner layer is made with microfleece which does not hold the moisture itself, instead, the moisture gets drawn away into the microfiber inserts, to ensure you baby’s bum stays dry. The inserts are made with a super absorbent microfiber terry cloth, which locks in the moisture. The outer layer is made with soft waterproof PUL fabric to prevent leaking. It is cleverly designed with elastic around the waist and legs to prevent those sneaky leaks, especially during the night. The best part is that they are chemical free which makes them the best eco-friendly option for your baby’s sensitive skin.



What I love about them?

The Mini-Mee pocket cloth nappy is easy to use and can be adjusted to different sizes to fit your baby throughout their growth. They are available in plain colours, as well as the most adorable designs, for those little fashionistas. It fits comfortably and snug, and can be used with or without the microfiber inserts. If your baby has a disposable nappy on, and is a heavy wetter, you can use the cloth nappy cover without the inserts to prevent leaking while they sleep. The adjustable snap closures make them easy to use, offering no effort for Dad or the baby sitter, yet not easy enough for baby to remove their nappy (Riley is going through this particular phase, what I like to call “the dreaded peep in his bedroom, afraid of what I might find every morning when I wake up” phase) The pocket system makes it easy to remove the inserts when they are wet, and because they are made with microfiber, they are quick drying. (drying time was tested, hanging outside in the sun : +- 30 minutes) Once you have taken the nappy off, you pop it (including the insert) into a bag and machine wash it. Sure, i know what you are thinking; this means extra washing, but it also means you are saving thousands of Rands on disposable nappies


Lets elaborate;

A recent study showed that from a baby to a toddler, you will spend around R16000 (Yes, you are correct in reading sixteen thousand rand) on disposable nappies ,  that is including 4000 – 6000 nappy’s in the baby years. It is also a detriment to the environment, I will admit they are convenient and it is good to keep them around the house, as most of you will agree they do come in handy; it is in the literal sense, a waste of money. Therefore, although it is an initial lay out of money to spend on cloth nappies, they are potentially going to save you thousands of rands in the long run.

My active 1 year old son, Riley, trying out the Mini-Mee Pocket Cloth Nappy
My active 1 year old son, Riley, trying out the Mini-Mee Pocket Cloth Nappy

Before making up your mind that a cloth nappy concept may not be your best personal choice for your baby, try these tips to ensure you get the best from your pocket cloth nappy:

  • Make sure when inserting the microfiber insert, that it is set in correctly, instead of shoved in and bunched up. This will ensure the entire insert will be used to absorb all the wee.
  • The snap closures are adjustable for a reason, so make sure it is set on the correct size for your baby.
  • When putting the nappy on, make sure the elastic for the legs are in the right place to ensure there are no surprises or leaks, especially during the night.
  • If your baby is a heavy wetter, place more than one insert in the pocket of the nappy for extra absorption.
  • Don’t leave the nappy on for longer than the recommended change time (no longer than 4+ hours, age dependant) to prevent leaking


The Mini-Mee pocket cloth nappies are designed in South Africa, and manufactured in China to strict Mini-Mee specifications. Online, you can purchase the cloth nappies as well as microfiber inserts, rolls of disposable nappy liners, and wet bags. They also offer Value packs which work out great for first time cloth nappy converters!

So contact Mini-Mee for pocket cloth nappies for a more sustainable future.




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