Ten Quick Fix Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

On Sunday I posted an article about feeling good about yourself and being good enough. If you missed it, you can read about it here

 I want to share a few of my personal beauty tips that make me feel happy with my self-image to make sure I always feel like a woman should. Sure, realistically we can’t all walk out the house looking like we have left a Salon (because, no, they did not “wake up like this“), it takes lots of time (and money.. and maybe really good genes) But, there are many tricks for busy moms to make sure you never leave the house feeling like Gollum (I promise you don’t look like Gollum)

She did not wake up like this
She did not wake up like this



1. Day Cream and Night Cream – It is so important to look after your skin, using a day cream like this one from RegimA, is a 2 in one moisturizer and sun protection with SPF30, and leaves your skin with a natural radiance. A Night cream will treat the redness and leave your face feeling and looking rejuvenated. Although most products are pricey, it is a necessity. Your skin will thank you when you are older!


2. Blush and Mascara – This is pretty much all you need in your make up bag for an everyday make up quick fix. The Avon Bronzing Pearls are my favourite, as they have multiple natural colours, and give the most amazing glow. A brush on the cheek bone will lift your face instantly. Mascara is something I will NOT go without. It shows all the effort without the actual effort.



3. Lipstick –  If you going out to the shops, put on a nude or natural pink colour. It will make your lips look plump and smooth. If you are feeling brave, go for a bright or deep red  (Mac Cosmetics’ Ruby Woo is my fav!) . (or save it for your date night)


4. Hair Curling Wand – Curl the Ends of your hair, it does something amazing for your face. A curling wand takes about 5 minutes to do loose messy curls, and lasts for quite some time. I got my Remington Pearl Curling Wand on sale on Take A Lot. If you have short hair, a good flat iron will do wonders. *TIP: I use a silicone like Avon’s Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil. This is a leave-in treatment that tames the frizz, so it works out great when you don’t have time to do a perfect job at styling your hair.



5. Head Band or Hair Clips –  Wear a head band when you are rushing around to keep hair out of your face. It makes it look like you tried some effort with your hair. Alternatively, try a hair clip and tie some of your hair back, or alternatively use it when tying your hair in a messy bun.


6. Dry Shampoo – BEST INVENTION EVER.  I could not go without my Baptiste dry shampoo. When you are having someone come over in short notice, or going out for dinner, and you haven’t had time to wash your hair after your busy day at work – give it a spray – no one will know (sshhhh!)


7. Foot Cream – Look after your feet, you will be surprised at  how many people notice your feet! But, its hard to keep up with the maintenance  of it everyday. Try apply some foot cream to your feet every night when you get into bed. My favourite is Epi-max Foot Cream, it contains urea which helps to bind water into the skin.


8. Quick dry Nail polish – Okay, tough one! as soon as you paint your nails, you will need to go to the loo or pick your child up, or more than likely need to work with water. Get a quick dry clear nail polish, and while they are sleeping, give your nails a quick coat. It will look like you have put some effort into keeping your nails neat. I use Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine.


9. Body Lotion – Once again, look after your skin! When you get out the bath or shower apply a nice smelling body Lotion or Body Butter. If you have time to brush your teeth, then you have time to apply lotion to your skin. Your skin will look and feel refreshed.


10. Hot Oil Hair Repair – A Hot Oil treatment for your hair is a must have. I Love the Sh’zen Hot Oil Hair Repair. What’s great about it, besides the fact that it makes your hair shiny and bouncy and transforms brittle, colour treated hair into healthy looking hair, it can be done once a week. which means, you can make a day (like a Sunday) and start a routine every week, once a week, of applying the hot oil treatment and apply a face mask while waiting for it to work its magic.

So start taking care of your skin and use these quick fix tips, making people wonder “How does she do it?”



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