{REVIEW} Bennetts Bum Buddy Traveller


Bennetts is an established brand, which holds a legacy of more than 50 years of producing quality baby products.

Bennetts is a brand I personally trust and have been making use of since my kids were born. All the Bennetts products are clinically tested for mildness, dermatologically tested, and suitable for sensitive skin.

I was given the opportunity to do a review on one of their new products, the Bennetts Bum Buddy TravellerThe pocket of Bennetts Bum Crème contains ingredients such as Lanolin, Zinc Oxide, Starch and Essential Lavender Oil which help soothe and protect your baby’s bottom. As it’s formulated in a water repellent base, it forms a barrier between the wet nappy and baby’s skin.  The Baby wipes are made with purified water.

The Bennetts Bum Buddy Traveller is a convenient disposable travel pack containing Bennetts Baby Bum Crème and 24 Bennetts Baby Wipes.  The reason I love this product is because often when doing a quick visit to the shops with the boys tagging along, (to save the hassle of having to carry too many bags) I grab a nappy, packet of wet wipes, and bum crème (usually a tub), throw it into my own handbag and off we go. For me, the Bennetts Bum Buddy Traveller is the perfect on-the-go essential product.

The Baby wipes pocket is re-sealable to lock in the moisture and prevent the liquid from leaking out into your bag – There is nothing more frustrating and inconvenient than realising that the spare set of clothing you packed in for your baby is now soaking wet. (and murphy’s law, you will need it).

The Bum Crème pocket is easy to use, it has a pop off lid that is attached to the nozzle so you wont lose it, and it is tight enough to not pop off inside your bag. (yay!) The pocket is soft and squeezable so only a gentle squeeze is required to get just the right amount of bum crème out.

This can also be used when travelling in the car, making nappy changing easier for those times when there are no baby changing facilities near by. It is compact (great for eliminating clutter in the diaper bag), and has a handle to hang it up in the car, making it easily accessible.

Less mess, Less fuss, Happy Mom.



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