{REVIEW} DinosAlive Play Park


The DinosAlive Play Park will take you back 201 million years to the beginning of the Jurassic period, a time when these dominant terrestrial vertebrates walked the earth.

If your kids are anything like my son, Jamie, they’ll love the idea of seeing these lifelike dinosaurs up close.

DinosAlive is located at the Red Shed in the V&A Waterfront from December 19th 2014 to February 28th 2015; and is open from 10:00 am till 7:00 pm.

With 9 animatronic dinosaurs, and a variety of activities for the kids, it is surely an experience not to be missed.


This is what the whole family can enjoy at the DinosAlive Play Park:

  • 9 Animatronic Dinosaurs
  • TV Chill Room
  • DinosAlive Café
  • DinosAlive Merchandise Shop
  • Excavation Sand Pit
  • Kiddies Party Area
  • Face Painting
  • Jumping Castle
  • And of course, PlayStation games

You will also witness realistic representations of the Allosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pteranondon, Saltasaurus.

Phew! Try saying that again!

Some fun facts about Dinosaurs:

  • Dinosaur means “Terrible Lizard”
  • The largest discovery on record was that of an Argentinosaurus, weighing approximately 80 000 – 100 000 KG.
  • The largest Sauropod Dinosaur achieved lengths of 58 meters, and 9.25 meters tall.
  • The Jurassic Geologic period was about 201 Million years ago.
  • The extinction occurred 66 Million years ago
  • Some birds survived the extinction event that occurred 66 million years ago, and their descendants continue the dinosaur lineage to the present day

I had the opportunity to review the DinosAlive Play Park and take Jamie and Riley to experience these diverse creatures.

LOCATION: It is the perfect location for entertaining the kids. The Red Shed is not too big which is fantastic for parents’ peace of mind. If you want to sit down at the café while your kids play, you can do so without worrying about where they are as they are in your view at all times. Another advantage is that once you have left the play park, you can take the kids to play at the outdoor food court playground next to Ferryman’s.

Parking is right opposite at the Portswood or Ulundi underground parking.

AGE: The dinosaurs look incredibly realistic which means that if your children are as young as mine, they’ll take a moment or two to realize these creatures aren’t actually real! Once they realize what they’re bearing witness to, they find them fascinating. My children also enjoyed the jumping castle, sand pit and drawing tables. The sand pit is particularly neat, as it lets you dig up fossils. There is something for all ages.



FOR THE PARENTS: There is a Dino Café, where you can sit down and have a cooldrink or some treats from the shop while your kids play.

FACILITIES: The Play Park is clean, and there are bathrooms just outside as you exit the venue.

AFFORDABILITY: At R50.00 a ticket, and free entry for kids under the age of 2, it really doesn’t break the bank! It is most certainly affordable. You can purchase the tickets via Computicket or buy them at the door.

OVERALL: The dinosaurs are incredibly realistic. There are informative boards about the history and size of each dinosaur on display; ride-ons that don’t cost a fortune (R10.00 a ride) and a Merchandise shop (Moms and Dads.. you will love this). The latter is not a walk through shop, but a kiosk with toys and merchandise behind a glass display, which means you don’t need to put up with screaming kids picking up every toy they see and throwing the dreaded tantrum. You can therefore be in control of what you choose to purchase for your kids. It is overall a worthwhile experience!

Check out the website for some information, and some cool games




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