Our First Year


An entire year has gone by, it feels unreal. It is the most incredible feeling to know that you are my son. Today I look at you, and you have grown into a ‘little’ big boy. I am so proud of you as I have watched you grow, and after the tough year we have had with you in and out of hospital, you are still ‘Smiley Riley’ filling our hearts with an abundance of pride.

Lets recap;


You are born! at 7.25am on the 11th December 2013, 3.78 kg and 50 cm, you were brought into the world via c-section, one of the most memorable moments I have experienced, the breath taking moment of holding you in my arms, meeting you for the first time, the emotions were high and the bond was unbreakable.


You are one month old, and so strong. You started smiling at 3 weeks, reacting to my voice and sleeping all day. (not so much at night though!) It’s pretty much still eat.sleep.poop.repeat at this point.



At two months, you developed “night time” colic, for roughly 4 hours every evening, you would cry hysterically, and even though I had a tough time dealing with it, I managed to find the patience to remain calm and give you all the TLC you needed to get through it. You did not give up that smile.


MARCH 2014

Three months. The dreaded preparation to go back to work has begun! Leaving you at three (going on four) months was the worst feeling, despite the fact that I was lucky enough to have Gran look after you, it was still very emotional to leave you and miss out. You started getting into a nice routine, and had the cutest expressions!


APRIL 2014

At four months, you had to be admitted to hospital with RSV,  we stayed in the hospital for a full 8 days, with tons of Physiotherapy, and a feeding tube you finally began to feel better. Luckily the colic had disappeared and you slept a lot better. Soon after, you started eating porridge (and boy did you love to eat!!)


MAY 2014

You are five months old, and loving your walking ring! You are all over the place and really enjoying being mobile and chasing your brother everywhere he goes. You are sitting on your own without falling over.


JUNE 2014

At six months you started Day Care, You did so well on your first day, didn’t shed a tear. Me however, different story. You have learned so much and started crawling. After being sick, you have developed a huge attachment to me. Officially a “mommy’s boy” (I’m not complaining!!)


JULY 2014

Seven months and clapping hands. Your favourite TV show is Thomas the train. You have decided that sleeping all night is no longer part of your plan. You are calling Mama and you have the loudest voice in the house, and have developed an attitude – big boy now Mama!



Eight months, and you are standing and pulling yourself up (using the couch) Teething is driving you crazy, the first 2 bottom teeth are coming through! You could eat a whole packet of Marie biscuits if I allowed you to!



Nine months, and in hospital again. This time with Metapneumavirus. This time we stayed for 4 days, and luckily recovered quickly. You are pulling yourself up on everything possible and fearless too! You are taking 1 or 2 steps, almost walking! You are not handling the teething very well.



Ten months old, completely mobile – walking all over the place (and falling) you have become so adventurous and you definitely know how to throw a tantrum. (yikes!) I didn’t think it was possible for a 10 month old but you proved me wrong with your strong will. Top two teeth have come through. You absolutely love your dummy – there is no getting rid of it.



Eleven months. No No No No. No! That’s about all you are saying. Cheeky is an understatement. You were admitted to hospital for the 3rd time this year, this time with the Adenovirus. A 5 day stay in hospital and you were allowed home after having grommets inserted, adenoids removed, together with a few physiotherapy sessions and tons of medication. I was told it would be a long time before you are fully recovered, but you are so strong and much happier now that you are healthier. You are crazy about music and dancing and, you now have 6 teeth!!



1 year!!! wow, what a big boy, you seem so grown up. Since being on iron medication you are sleeping better, right through the night. You are communicating nicely, saying mama, baba, kiss, no, numnums, amongst other things you say that surprise me every day. You hand out the kisses and hugs and just have the best personality and smile to go with it.

Today is your birthday and I couldn’t be prouder to be your MOM! You are a sensitive soul with the sweetest nature, You have blessed our lives and we will be forever grateful for having you.


A whole ONE year today! I cant believe you belong to me! I wake up every morning  with the incredible feeling of gratitude in my heart, you make my heart smile every day. Biggest blessings to you on your special day my boy! I love you more than all the stars in the sky xxx



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