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Finding the right products for you and your baby can be quite a task since there are so many products on the market. It takes a few moments of trial and error (and wasted money) to discover the perfect products that will make you say “I will never use anything else ever again!”

For today’s Friday Favourites, I will be sharing my personal list of favourite Baby products.

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Epimax Junior & Baby

Riley has a slight eczema condition. I have tried a lot of different creams and found Epimax to be the only cream that soothes his dry skin patches and lasts for the entire day until he baths in the evenings. I have seen a remarkable improvement in the dry skin patches over the period I have been using Epimax.


Pigeon Baby Shampoo

I received this at my baby shower and was addicted to the smell! It is enriched with chamomile extracts, rosehip and olive oil. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t leave their eyes red if the water happens to run into their eyes. Their hair stays cleaner for longer (which is vital in my case, as both of my boys have a mop of hair!)


Cherubs Wet Wipes

These are my favourite wet wipes! I have tried plenty of different brands, but majority of them have unpleasant fragrances. These are soft, they stay wet (nothing worse than a dry “wet” wipe), smell amazing, and are biodegradable and flushable. They have a variety of different wipes, and since ‘eco-friendly’ is the new trend, you will fit right in. 😉



You can use this cream for Nappy rashes, cuts or grazes, eczema, and acne. It is one of the only creams I have found that works for nasty nappy rashes as well as insect bites. You don’t have to apply too much so it lasts long and protects vulnerable skin against rashes.


Pansoral Teething Gel

This is a natural product that is sugar and alcohol free. It contains camomile for soothing, marshmallow for softening, and saffron for purifying. You only need a small amount for application and is relatively long lasting. I find that other teething gels don’t last as long, and don’t have a dramatic effect when it comes to pain relief. I use this gel with both my boys, and as soon as I apply it, they are immediately relieved.


Huggies for Boys

Choosing the perfect nappy for your child – WHAT A NIGHTMARE! With Jamie, it was all trial and error. Starting off with Huggies newborn, –  it was fantastic. Then I moved over to Pampers Active baby – which worked great until he was on a size 3 going on size 4, he would wee right through the nappy every night and the nappy would end up breaking and releasing pieces of gel everywhere. I eventually changed to Huggies for boys and I never had problems with leaking nappies again. It has a special design specifically made for boys, (there is also a specific one for girls) that makes sure it is more absorbent in certain areas.

What are some of your favourite Baby Care Products?



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