Christmas Countdown

My family has always been enthusiastic when it comes to special holidays and general family traditions, Christmas, Easter.. Even the tooth fairy! They would hide our bikes in the neighbours garage until Christmas day, make us go look for a gift that Father Christmas hid away in our bedrooms – They made sure it was always a special occasion, and we believed in all of it. They allowed us to discover our imaginations and let it run wild. I couldn’t be more thankful that I had the encouragement, as I am certain its part of the reason I have creative abilities today.

I am passionate about introducing that same inspiring imagination to my children and allowing them to experience the excitement that it brings.

For Christmas this year (since Jamie is old enough to understand the concept) I decided to make them Pre-Christmas gift packs, sent from Father Christmas, to help them believe that he is real (because he obviously is!) in order to prepare them for Christmas day and get an idea of what presents they would like. Jamie is now also very aware of Father Christmas and the fact that he only brings presents for good children. Enough said.

I made the Christmas packs and put them by the front door – the look on Jamie’s face was priceless!

Firstly, I bought Christmas socks to pack all of the goodies inside; I then bought 2 wooden star Christmas decorations, wrote their names on it and tied it to the sock. Even though their sibling rivalry instincts force them to want each other’s sock, at least I know who’s is who’s!

In the Sock, I put the following;

Advent Calendar

Reindeer head gear

Light up Reindeer nose

Christmas wish list (printed off the internet)

Colouring in Christmas pictures (printed off the internet)

Sparkly fortune cookie (from woolworths)

Chocolate on a stick (from woolworths)

Snowman sweet pack (see below how to make these)

Christmas card from Father Christmas


IMG_0693IMG_0692 IMG_0691


How to make the “Do you want to build a Snowman?” sweet pack:

3 white marshmallows (for the body)

3 black mini liquorice (for the buttons)

2 round mini liquorice (for the eyes)

1 orange covered mini liquorice (for the nose)

2 pretzel sticks (for the arms)

Put it all together in a packet and print out a picture (like the one I made above) and seal the packet.

The options are endless, and of course, you can fill the stocking with whatever your heart desires! Help your kids believe in Father Christmas and show them the joys and blessings of the festive season 🙂






  1. The black one
  2. Yellow ice cream
  3. A BIG present
  4. Socks
  5. Bike


(*decided by Jamie, as Riley is obviously too young to communicate)

  1. A Big toy.

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