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Having Jamie unexpectedly, I was grabbing free-bees left right and centre! I was truly blessed to be given most of the items second hand, for (mostly) free or next to nothing. But after having our second child, I wonder why I never bought certain things that I am making use of this time around. There are also items I kept that I knew I could not go with out. I always promised to never be one of those trendy moms that portrayed and followed conventional methods of Motherhood – and even though there are certain items you can get by without, (since our mothers and mothers’ mother’s got by without these items) it is certainly nice to have!

This is my personal list of my favourite must have baby gadgets;

An automatic Bouncer / Rocker

I bought the Bright Starts Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer online, and this has saved my sense of sanity! When I had to see to Jamie, and Riley would not settle I put him in his bouncer. With the timer set and the nature sounds going, it soothed him and helped him calm down. (Especially since he suffered with night colic).


A Bottle Warmer

If you were denied the privilege of breastfeeding, not having to get up during the night to prepare bottles is a treat! I bought the Babymoov electric bottle warmer (which conveniently fits all sizes of Nuby feeding bottles as well as purity jars), just pop the bottle in the warmer, turn in on, and it’s done in 2 minutes. We’re all happy.


Carry Cot

What a wonderful thing to have, especially since Jamie was born a tiny 2.9kg, and born nearing winter, he fitted nice and snug in the carry cot. It was easy to transport him around. With Riley, being nervous about how Jamie would react with his little brother, it was much easier to let Riley sleep in the carry cot as I could put it anywhere where Jamie couldn’t reach. He was cosy and slept for longer periods of time in the carry cot than anywhere else.


Glider / Rocking Chair  

A Life saver with both my kids, breastfeeding attempts with Jamie were made much easier with a rocking chair, it aided with bonding and soothing. With Riley, suffering with night colic, I became one with that chair. I spent many nights crying, singing and bonding with my babies in that chair.

Life. Saver.



Digital Ear thermometer

Both my kids suffer terribly when it comes to teething and getting the (far too regular) flu. My digital ear thermometer is one thing I can’t do without. Both my boys are extremely busy so attempts at getting a temperature reading out of them has proven to be impossible at times. I purchased this one at Clicks, for R199 on special , it takes 1 second to getting a reading. Genius.


Pod Baby Carrier

The baby carrier trend was a huge hit, and now I know why! After attempting to make my own one (and failing miserably) I purchased the baby carrier from Pod Baby. it was reasonably priced and works fantastically. It is made of pure cotton and evenly distributes the weight of the baby, especially on your shoulders and your back. Makes taking both the kids for walks and visiting shopping malls an effortless task.


Head and back sleep positioner

I purchased the head and back sleep positioner from Mr price home, it was affordable compared to the well-known competitive brands. It doesn’t have the elevated wedge function, but it fits perfectly in the baby carry cot which helped tremendously with Riley’s colic. I was able to adjust his sleeping position and since he suffered with a mild condition of reflux, it would give me a peace of mind that he would never sleep on his back or roll over onto his back during any vomiting mishaps.


Tommee Tippee Teethers

The Tommee Tippee Teethers  are great! They are BPA-Free and are available in 3 different stages, stage 1 , stage 2 and stage 3 . Each with its own unique design, it reaches the different sections of the gums throughout the different stages of teething. it has a special design channels and pockets to hold teething gel to make application easier.

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What are some of the baby gadgets you could not live without?



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