A Divine Intervention – Your significant message

We have all found ourselves contemplating a big life-changing decision, or simply trying to recover our heart from an unfortunate failed relationship, and you are filled with discontentment. You are searching for answers, but you are uninspired, you are having difficulty being mentally stimulated. Your thoughts are running a marathon and you are terrified at the possibility of a hopeless and unworthy future.

You put the radio on, and you hear that song. It speaks to you. You are convinced it’s composed for you. You search the internet, you come across that quote that was supposedly written for you.

You see matching digits each time you look at your digital clock; get a phone call from a friend you were just thinking about. You ask yourself “what could these signs mean?”


Perhaps these are the interventions in life you are secretly searching for. Subconsciously you are putting it out into the universe and begging for a response. We all read quotes and references from philosophers, but do we genuinely understand the logical interpretation of them? Since adapting to the belief that there is something of a divine nature in life, I have realised that positive energy is a state of mind and everything is connected. If I want to see the signs, they will appear. I must allow it to guide me.

Love and trust your heart, know It’s power

Look for the signs, embrace them

If you want to attract kindness, put it out there

If you want see a change, encourage it

Radiate a contagious love

Focus on healing your soul

Let go of the fear that destroys you

Sustain the passion and energy that moves you


All of these powerful guides have been my strength, by making use of them; everything around me becomes filled with beauty and contentment.

It’s Mind over matter. Funny concept, isn’t it?

Signs come in all forms, whether it’s the stereotypical white dove you observed when you were searching for peace, or the praying mantis that launched itself at you (yes, this happened to me, eeek) when you were trying to find the calm in your storm. All of these signs appear to you for a reason. They are everywhere, like some kind of divine intervention, and it is your significant message – you may choose to ignore it, or you may choose to trust the ability of your intuition and allow it to make an impact in your life.

I hope you choose the latter.



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