My Personal Top 10 Apps for Moms


As a mom with a small degree of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) (you see what I mean?)

I am often exploring ways intended to make my life slightly more co-ordinated.

We are somewhat lucky to be a part of a century that offers all of these great advantages of technology – Cell phones and Tablets with endless functions.  Diary planners will soon be a thing of the past.

There are countless amounts of free apps you can download! I have a few favourites and here is why they are so fantastic!


Price Check – great for when you are at the stores and you want to be re assured that you aren’t paying too much for those nappies! Perhaps the alternative store could save you R20.00 (That’s a lot of money when you are an adult, especially with kids!)


WebMD – a medical app that allows you to research symptoms, remedies , precautions, as well as key in the brand of Medication to identify the side effects of the Medication after misplacing the package information insert (this happens far too often in our house!)


Jorte Calendar & Organizer – This is fantastic! After having children it seems I have not maintained my entire memory function (who’s with me on this one?) therefore, this app assists me to never forget a birthday or task. You can add lists, pictures, journals/notes, addresses, and they have real cute themes too – all in one place. There is also a count down function to maintain that excitement leading up to an event.


Kids Doodle – there are so many options with this fun app for your kids, Jamie absolutely loves it. He can draw in a variety of different brushes and bright colours and patterns and re-play an animated version of the picture he has created. When he is not colouring in with real crayons, it can be quite beneficial when looking for a way to keep him occupied when he is bored at a restaurant or outing.


White Noise – this app helps with the little one when he is restless and wont settle down to sleep. I just switch this app on and it does the trick. (Okay, most times!) It has a few nature sounds as well as white noise (vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, Television, Heart beat etc). You can also set a timer – how cool??


Baby Centre – my pregnancy today – pretty self-explanatory – assists you in keeping track of your pregnancy, offers advice and re assures you that it’s normal to feel like a walking-living-raging-hormone.


Baby Centre – my baby today – a follow up of the pregnancy app – a good app to have if you want to keep track of your baby’s milestones, or store a journal of your baby’s daily schedules. Also offers great parenting tips and advice.


Healthy Recipes – Feeling uninspired? This app gives you tons of ideas for cooking for your family. The Recipes are grouped in categories, offering anything from meals, smoothies, and spice mixes. Meal Planning, made easy.


Emergency Numbers South Africa – an absolute necessity! This app give you access to all the local emergency numbers in South Africa, as well as an option to load up to 4 contact numbers of family members in case of emergencies.


Pinterest – as if you didn’t foresee this one! Brilliant app! It makes my heart entirely happy to have all my favourite collections on one website. Create a board for your Kids, and pin all the fun activities you can involve them in, so whenever you are feeling uncreative and uninspired, you can refer back to this app for ideas. – ingenious!!


Are there any apps that you would recommend?



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