A Meaningful Life – My Journey of Self Discovery.

Do I know who I am?

Am I content with my body, my spirituality and emotional state? Do I know the meaning of self-love?

Why do I eliminate my imperfections simply to try fascinate others in hope that they will never see through me?

While exploring these questions on my journey to self-discovery. I have to learn to accept who I am.

It’s a revelation. This is my fear.

When we live in fear of what we legitimately want, and are uncertain of our purpose in life, we create an emotion induced by threat with in ourselves. Physically or Hypothetically, We become afraid of that reality that we accept to overlook it. Reality can change our perception entirely.

This Journey is all a matter of perspective and how to obtain fulfillment in life.

However, this is admittedly easier said than done.

I recently participated in a fun challenge, in which I was nominated by a friend on Instagram, to specify 20 things about myself that others might not know about me.

Strangely, I found that I only wished to mention the good qualities . It took me a couple of backspaces and over thinking, but once I had perfected it , I had learnt a few facts about myself and realised it is extremely difficult to be honest with myself. Even if it was just a fun challenge – people would judge.

Naturally, we often lose ourselves and get pulled in to this society in which we are being consumed by our power driven lives, We find ourselves using self-enhancement and comparing our chapter 1 to the over achievers’ chapter 20 (guilty!). This develops a cloud above our heads and executes our sunshine, and in this darkness, We forget to find ourselves. When we are clouded by this emotion, authenticity is no longer part of our meaning of life and we cannot grow here.

Often I take a moment, glance at my children in hope that they will always be sure of themselves, and pray that I will always have the strength to guide them through this tough idea of life we have established in our minds. It is by example that they will subsequently live a life feeling unsure or absolutely certain about their purpose in life. I choose the latter. It is that simple.

I made a promise to myself that I will always trust and have faith in myself to make the right choices even if I am tentative that these ‘choices’ are in fact rational.

Found on www.etsy.com via Pinterest.


By adapting to this way of life, I created a confidence in myself and, in retrospect, gained determination to see the power and strength with in me to discover my purpose in life.

Filled with flaws, I accept who I am. I feel fulfilled.

An emotion that no money, greed or power can conquer.

It was my fear. Now I am Free.



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